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Injury Prevention Programs

Fortitude Athletic & Sport Therapy is pleased to introduce group and individualized injury prevention programs

Group Classes

#1 - Hip and Low Back - 

Low Back Pain has become an epidemic in North America. 80% of people will experience Low Back Pain in their lifetime with many having repeat occurrences. We will help you prevent debilitating back and hip pain and show you tools and techniques to prevent it and keep you moving.

#2 - Knee -    

Knee pain and injury is complex. The knee actually has few muscles that only control the knee. Much of the control of the knee comes from the hip and the foot. In this program we will help you learn to use the muscles of the hip, knee and foot properly to help control the knee and reduce stress on the most commonly injured structures.

#3 - Spine -

Overall spinal health is an important part of maintaining along term healthy lifestyle. In this program, we will work on mobility and stability of the spine as well as your “therapeutic core” to help maintain health of your spine and prevent back and neck injury in the future.

#4 - Shoulder - 

Shoulder injuries are not only painful, they also impact your daily living, sport performance and ability to work. Thanks to desk jobs, technology and other common activities our body develops compensations that increases the risk of shoulder injuries.

During these programs, we will provide tools to help reverse these compensations and re-strengthen the shoulder to work properly.


Individualized Injury Prevention and Re-Conditioning Programs

(Min 6 appointments)

50% Injury Prevention Program Appointments, 50% Prevention Program or Treatment Appointments

Costs 25% less than regularly priced treatments

Team / Group / Organization Programs

Functional Movement Screen - $150 / 20 athletes

Injury Prevention Programs - $20 / Person / Week (Min 5 per group, Max10 per therapist)